Noongar Seasonal Calendar


Season of Birth (Wildflower season) October/November.


Kambarang season, the Season of Birth, marks the arrival of blooming native flowers in the region.

The most common wildflowers you may encounter during this time are yellow Acacias, Banksias, Kangaroo Paw and Orchids, to name a few. The Australian Christmas Tree or “Mooja’’ and its orange/yellow flowers signal the heat of summer is on its way.

As the weather warms up in October, you will also come across reptiles, including snakes, as they awaken from hibernation. Many other forms of wildlife become active during this month with families of birds appearing in nests, as baby Magpies (Koolbardies) and other native species sing for food.

During this season you can expect longer dry periods with less rain as we edge closer to the end of November.

Permission to use the Nyoongar seasonal calendar is granted by "South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council".

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