Online Form - Town Centre (Area 2) Parking Review

At the ordinary meeting held on the 23 May 2023, Council resolved to undertake targeted consultation with affected occupants and owners of properties potentially impacted by proposed changes to existing parking control measures within the Town Centre.

The Town is therefore seeking feedback on the following proposed changes:

  • Hamilton Street – ‘No Stopping’ yellow edge lines at intersection with Old Perth Road (all corners);
  • Whitfield Street – ‘No Stopping’ yellow edge lines at intersection with Old Perth Road (all corners);
  • Whitfield Street - northwestern corner of Old Perth Road – ‘No Stopping’ yellow edge line in front of the unit complex at 80 Old Perth Road up to and including the ‘Organikids Child Care Centre’ at 30 Whitfield Street;
  • Whitfield Street - southeastern corner of Old Perth Road – ‘No Stopping’ from the corner to the end of the first tree embayment;
  • Whitfield Street - Remove the existing ‘Motorcycle Only’ bays outside 89 Old Perth Road and replace them with a street tree, so as to mirror the northern side of the crossover;
  • Old Perth Road – removal of existing signage at Senior’s Centre carpark;

Town Centre Area 2 Parking Review

For further information about the proposed changes, please refer to the 23 May 2023 Council agenda and minutes.

If you wish to make comment on the proposed changes, please do so in writing by the 22 December 2023. Comments can be returned by being hand delivered to our Customer Service Centre at 35 Old Perth Road, Bassendean, by posting your comments to PO Box 87, Bassendean WA 6934, by emailing the feedback to the Town at [email protected] or by completing the below submission form.

Once the consultation period has closed, a report will be prepared and presented to Council for consideration. The views represented in any submissions made will be reflected in the report so that they are duly considered. To ensure you are notified of when the matter will next be considered by Council in a timely manner, please provide an email address.