Online Form - Stallholder's Permit Application Form - Food Business

This application form is to be completed by all food stall and food vehicle operators, prior to trading in any part of the Town of Bassendean.  It is applicable to all street trading, itinerant and trading at events, including community and charitable events.  Upon completion of the application form, a Stallholder’s Permit may be issued to the business operator.

The Town requires food to be produced in a safe environment.  We greatly appreciate your cooperation with complying with the requirements of the Food Act 2008 as it reduces possible difficulties and challenges occurring on the day and helps ensure safe food is prepared and sold to the public.

Applications must be received at least ten days prior to the first trading date, otherwise they may not be processed in time.

Applicant Details

Postal Address

Type of Food Business

Type of Food Business *

Plastic Free

Stall holders operating at Town of Bassendean events or sponsored events i.e. Old Perth Road Markets must use recyclable or compostable single use products. Going plastic free, reducing your waste and environmental impact is easier than you think.  In some cases it will even save you money rather than costing the earth.

What are single use plastics?

  • Disposable cups and lids (hot & cold beverages)
  • Cutlery – including stirrers
  • Plates and bowls
  • Takeaway containers
  • Straws
  • Shopping bags

Online Food Handler Training

Please complete the I’m ALERT food handler training program and attach copy of certificate.

I'm ALERT Food Handler Training Program Link      

It is recommended that all food handlers complete the training and provide a copy of their certificate to you for your records.

Event Details

Food Products

Is all food pre-packaged *

Food Preparation, storage and transportation

Where is food stored or prepared prior to the event *

How will potentially hazardous and perishable foods be transported to the event? *
How will potentially hazardous and perishable foods be stored on site *

Potentially Hazardous / Perishable Foods Must Be Kept

Below 5°C Or Above 60°C At All Times

Structure (Food Stalls)

Provide photos to show how food will be protected from airborne contaminates

Running Water

A warm supply of running water is required for hand washing as well as the washing of utensils. There are several ways of providing warm water to your food stall / vehicle, such as camping hot water systems.

These systems are available at a number of camping, hardware and outdoors type stores

Provide photos to show hand wash basin and utensil washing facility

Provide photographs of the stall set up and / or inside the food vehicle.

Photos should show all equipment, appliances, prep benches, utensils, fire extinguisher, bins, water supply, eskies, marquee, gas bottles, etc

Applicant Agreement

I agree to abide with the requirements of the Food Act 2008, the Food Safety Standards and the Town of Bassendean – Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2010. *

Please Note

  • Completed application and payment of fee must be received at least 10 days prior to the proposed trading day;
  • All food handlers must complete the I’m ALERT Food Handler Training Program.

Public Trading in Thoroughfare Usage Charges

Single Use


Annual - Weekends and Public Holidays Only


Annual - Unrestricted


Payment information

Payment of the usage charge is due once your application is approved.

In person

 At the Council Offices, 35 Old Perth Road, Bassendean.

Between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday

By Mail

Make Cheques/money orders payable to the Town of Bassendean

Mail to: Town of Bassendean, PO Box 87, Bassendean  WA, 6934

 By phone

Please call Council’s Customer Services on 9377 8000 to pay by Visa or Mastercard only.

Further Information

If you require further information please contact the Town on 9377 8000.