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The aim of Dudley Robinson Youth Grant is to support individuals to strive toward developing their potential in their chosen pursuit.

Grants are assessed in accordance with the Town of Bassendean Community Funding Policy and you should speak to the Town’s Youth Development Officer before applying. Please call 9377 8000.

The Dudley Robinson Youth Grant recognises three categories tabled below where by a grant can be sought by young people aged between 12 and 25 who reside in the Town of Bassendean.

There are four areas that individuals can apply for as listed below:

  1. Sport
    Individuals selected by an accepted sporting governing body to represent the State or Commonwealth in a recognised sporting event who require financial assistance to participate in that event.
    2. Performance Arts
    Individuals selected by an accepted performing arts body to represent the State or Commonwealth in a recognised competition who require financial assistance to participate in the event.
    3. Academic or Educational
    High achieving individuals selected by a recognised educational institution to represent the State or Commonwealth for academic or educational event.
    4. Youth Leadership
    Individuals nominated to undertake youth leadership training delivered by a recognised organisation.

The maximum grant for each category is $250.

Assessment of Applications

Category Example
Sport State representation in national titles, national representation at the world titles
Performance Arts State representation at the national beat box championships
Academic or Educational Achievement Public speaking championship
Youth Leadership Leeuwin Ocean Adventure, Scout Jamboree

Applications will be assessed by the Youth Development Officer in accordance with the Community Funding Policy.
Grants will not be approved if it is considered to be for direct profit or financial gain to the individual.
Applications must be submitted three (3) full weeks prior to the event/activity starting. Funds will not be offered retrospectively.
There is no guarantee of funding for any application as there is a limitation on the total amount of funds that can be granted each year.
All applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their application.

Individuals must accept the following conditions for the application to be eligible
Individuals must live in the Town of Bassendean
Individuals must be under the age of twenty six year at the time of the event / activity.
Individuals must have the application endorsed by the recognised governing body.
Donations will not be considered for persons involved in administration, training or coaching.
Agree not to represent the Town in an official capacity without prior consent from the Town of Bassendean.
All applications will be submitted by the individual, or in instances where the individual is under the age of eighteen (18) years, written consent from a parent or guardian must be provided.
Agree to return the grant to the Town within four (4) weeks if the event is cancelled or they do not attend 
The grant must be used for the approved purpose.
Agree that the Town may promote successful applications in any of its publications or through the media;
Accept that the applicant can only receive one grant per financial year.


Should you have any questions please contact the Town's Youth Development Officer on 9377 8000


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Dudley Robinson Youth Grant Category

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Please supply a breakdown of the proposed income and expenditure for the event / activity. Include additional categories which you consider relevant to your project in the table below.

Please supply a breakdown of the proposed income for the event / activity.

Please supply a breakdown of the proposed expenditure for the event / activity.


In this section you will need to either attach a letter of acceptance from the relevant governing body of the sport or umbrella organisation supporting your involvement in the event / activity or provide their details below so that a representative from the Town of Bassendean can contact them confirming your involvement.

Max File Size: 10.00 MB
Allowed File Types: .avi, .doc, .docx, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .mov, .mp3, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg, .pdf, .png, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx

If no file is attached, please complete the details below of a representative from the governing body of the sport or umbrella organisation that can be contacted to confirm the applicant's involvement.

Statutory Declaration

I, the Applicant or the Applicant's Legal Guardian, certify that the information in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and I agree to abide by the conditions outlined in the grant guidelines above. 

I further understand that a person who intentionally makes a false statement in a statutory declaration is guilty of an offence under section 11 of the Statutory Declarations Act 1959.


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