Public Health Plan – Community Consultation Questionnaire

Local governments contribute to community health and well-being in many ways including maintaining footpaths and parks, organising recreational programs and events, and ensuring safe food is provided. In 2019, Council committed to the One Planet Living framework, which incorporates 10 key principles for sustainable living. The first of those key principles relates to our “Health and Happiness” - encouraging active, social, meaningful lives to promote good health and wellbeing.

In addition, the Public Health Act 2016 requires all local governments to develop a local Public Health Plan (PHP). A PHP outlines actions to improve community health and wellbeing and your input is now being sought to create our first PHP; one that is representative and responsive to our community’s health and wellbeing needs.

The Town has access to baseline health data for the district, but also wants to better understand the community’s health and wellbeing concerns and aspirations. This survey takes about 5-10 minutes and can be completed by residents of the Town until 30 June 2021.

Bassendean LGA Community Health Snapshot

61% Adults are overweight or obese

36.8% Adults are not active enough

90.8% Adults eat less than 5 serves of vegetables daily

25% Adults drink alcohol at risk / high levels for long term harm

39.7% Adults spend 21+ hours in sedentary leisure time

11.5% Adults currently smoke

50.9% Adults eat less than 2 fruit daily

19.6% Adults have high blood pressure

18.9% Adults have high cholesterol

17.4% Adults have been diagnosed with a mental health problem

24.6% Children are either overweight or obese.

 If you require more information, please contact the Town of Bassendean’s Health Services team at or on 9377 8000.