The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for determining applications for freehold and survey strata subdivisions. The WAPC establish minimum standards for subdivision that are based on overarching planning strategies which are then translated into the following policies to guide land use, subdivision and development.

Subdivision Applications

Subdivision applications are made direct to the WAPC, (except for 'Built Strata' applications for five or less dwellings), and are then referred by the WAPC to Council and other 'referral agencies' for comment.

Built Strata applications for five or less dwellings (where the dwellings are already constructed) are made direct to the City - i.e. Form 7 under the Strata Titles Act 1985.

Details on the subdivision application process can be found on Department of Planning Lands and Heritage Website

Department of Planning Lands and Heritage Website

Subdivision Clearances

The WAPC endorses deposited/survey-strata plan(s) once the condition(s) set out on the subdivision approval have been fulfilled.

The written advice of the agency/authority or local government is to be obtained by the applicant/owner. When the written advice of each identified agency/authority or local government has been obtained, it should be submitted to the WAPC with a Form 1C and appropriate fees and a copy of the deposited/survey-strata plan.

Prior to the commencement of any subdivision works or the implementation of any condition(s) in any other way, the applicant/owner is to liaise with the nominated agency/authority or local government on the requirement(s) it considers necessary to fulfil the condition(s).  Applicants are to ensure all information demonstrating fulfilment of any relevant conditions is included in an application for subdivision clearance.

When submitting an application for clearance, please use the following form in addition to providing all supporting material.

Subdivision/Amalgamation Condition Clearance Sheet

Please note, applications that require a geotechnical report are to have the report submitted, reviewed and approved by the Town prior to any remediation works being undertaken.

Street names and numbering

The Town is responsible for street addresses and road names. These are implemented under Australian Standard 4819:2011 (Rural and Urban Addressing).

For more information about geographical naming, visit Landgate’s website.

Landgate Website