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Limited Burning Periods (Town of Bassendean)

Restricted Period    

2 November to 14 December

Prohibited Period    

15 December to 31 March

Restricted Period    

1 April to 30 April

Open Period            

1 May to 1 November

Burning of Garden Refuse

The burning of garden refuse is not permitted during limited burning periods on private land within the district of Bassendean. (Gazettal 4 Aug 2017 No. 156)

Alternative options include:

  • Mulching your green waste and re-using.
  • Planning property maintenance to coincide with the Towns verge side green waste collections
  • Taking your green waste to Red Hill Waste Facility (Fees applicable)

Solid Fuel BBQs, Pizza Ovens, Smokers and Fire Pits

These can be used in the open period provided adequate precautions are taken:

  • Used in an area that is clear for three metres of any combustible material
  • Used with dry fuel such as seasoned wood, paper and charcoal that creates only minimal smoke
  • Fire and embers are fully extinguished on completion of cooking.

During restricted and prohibited burning periods, they can be used for cooking as long as there is no declared Total Fire Ban.

Total Fire Ban

BOM Website

LPG Barbecues

Gas barbecues can be used at any time on private land and must be five metres away from combustible materials and bush.

For safety reasons, please seek prior approval before using of LPG barbecues on Town of Bassendean reserves. They can only be used if there are no permanent Town barbecues on the reserve for public use.

Firebreaks and Fuel Loads

Each year, the Town of Bassendean's annual Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice is advertised in the local newspaper and Government Gazette. It requires landowners to undertake works to control fires and minimise the spread of fires.  

The Town has a dedicated Fire Control Officer (FCO) that inspects land within the district to ensure owners and occupiers have undertaken the works as required. The FCO also responds to reports of land that is considered a fire hazard during the notice period.

All land is to meet the requirements for the entire notice period beginning from 1 November to 31 March the following year.

The inspection process is as follows where the FCO has identified land that has not met the notice requirements commencing 1 November:

  • Landowners will receive a written formal warning to undertake works within seven days and receive a copy of the Notice
  • The property will be reinspected to see if works have been undertaken and the notice requirements have been completed.
  • If the property has not completed the requirements, an infringement notice will be issued for $250 with the works still required to be undertaken within seven days of the infringement date.
  • The property will be inspected again to see if the notice requirements have been completed, and if not, the FCO will direct the works to be undertaken and the costs are fully recoverable from all landowners and occupiers in accordance with the Act.

Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice 2021/22

Bushfire Prone Areas

The Town has three specific areas identified as Bush Fire Prone areas by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

Landowners within these identified areas should undertake additional precautions.

All land in proximity of the Ashfield Flats Reserve, Success Hill Reserve, former Pyrton Site, and the wetland area situated around Lovelock Place, Hyland and Harcourt Streets in Bassendean, is identified as a bushfire prone area.

Bushfire Prone Areas Map 

Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)

DFES works in collaboration with Western Australian communities and other government agencies to help prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from diverse hazards including fires, cyclones and floods.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services Website

Alerts and Warnings

Homeowner's Bushfire Survival Manual

Offences and Penalties

The Bush Fires Act 1954 places significant responsibility on the person(s) who both light a fire, and or are responsible for control of a fire, and do not take appropriate actions to ensure the requirements of the Act and prescribed legislation are followed and implemented.


For further information or clarification, please contact the Ranger service between the hours of 7am to 7pm.

9377 7480


Bush Fires Act 1954

Government Gazette No.16 3 Feb 2012 - Restricted/Prohibited Periods

Government Gazette No.156  4 Aug 2017 – Limiting Green Waste Burning

Government Gazette No.165 24 September 2021 – Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice’