Design Review Panel

Purpose of Design Review

The Town shares a Design Review Panel (DRP) with the City of Bayswater.  The DRP provides independent expert advice to applicants and the Town on the design and site planning of specified planning proposals. The DRP facilitates an improvement in urban design and the quality of the built environment within the Town through the provision of information, expert advice and recommendations.

The Town encourages applicants to seek the advice of the DRP prior to formal lodgement of an application.  Design review should begin well before a development application is submitted. It is strongly recommended the initial design review occurs as early in the design process as possible (i.e. during the concept design stage) to ensure the proponent can apply the advice offered at a stage where the design is flexible enough to incorporate change without impacting on time and cost constraints.

With the exception of the range of proposals that require review, the DRP operates in accordance with the following terms of reference:

Design Panel Terms of Reference

Design review meetings are closed to members of the public as information discussed can be commercially confidential.  Applicants and the respective client/property owners will be invited to attend at the relevant part of the DRP meeting, however, panel members are strictly prohibited from individual communication with applicants or interested persons outside of the meeting.

Design Review Panel Applications

The following types of applications require formal design review:

  • Residential and/or Commercial proposals in the Town Centre Zone.
  • All developments that are subject to State Planning Policy No. 7.3 - Residential Design Codes Volume 2 - Apartments.
  • Residential and/or Commercial proposals that are three storeys or 9.0 metres high or more in height.
  • Residential proposals comprising eight or more grouped dwellings.
  • Any proposal that is to be determined by a Joint Development Assessment Panel.
  • Activity Centre Structure Plans and Local Development Plans.
  • Any other proposal, application, planning matter or project that the Town considers may be of a complex or contentious nature and/or likely to be of significant community interest and/or where it is considered it will benefit from formal design review.

Design Review Panel Information Requirements

In preparation for referral to the Design Review Panel, the applicant should prepare a PowerPoint presentation detailing the project background and outlining how the proposal addresses the design principles of State Planning Policy 7 – Design of the Build Environment:  

State Planning Policy 7 – Design of the Build Environment

relating to:

  • Context and character
  • Landscape quality
  • Built form and scale
  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality and build quality
  • Sustainability
  • Amenity
  • Legibility
  • Safety
  • Community

In addition, applicant are required to provide copies of plans including a site analysis (character and context), site design response (opportunities and constraints) and design proposal, and payment of the application fee in accordance with the Council’s adopted fees and charges.

A copy of the plans and presentation are required to be provided to the Town no less than three weeks prior to the scheduled DRP meeting date.

All information is to be emailed to