Town Centre Masterplan

In mid-2020, the Town of Bassendean, in conjunction with Creating Communities Australia hosted a series of focus groups and interviews with community members who have a stake in the town centre (such as property owners, businesses, community groups, those who registered to be involved in engagement from BassenDream, local residents, State Government and potential investors). These sessions built on the detailed findings of the BassenDream Our Future engagement process to inform the development of some draft concepts for the future revitalisation of the Bassendean Town Centre. These engagements helped to inform the development of some draft masterplan concepts.

 Two further community design workshops were held in mid-April 2021 with landowners, community stakeholders, local businesses and development industry representatives to present draft concept plans (or ideas) in an effort to generate feedback.

 The project then progressed to the third and final stage of community engagement and involved a number of opportunities for the community to provide feedback and talk to staff about the project. At the conclusion of the consultation period, over 600 submissions were received, with considerable support for the Masterplan. 

 Following the review of the submissions, the matter was presented to Council in November 2021, where it unanimously adopted the plan. Key components of the Masterplan include redevelopment of a portion of the Swan District Football Club, creation of a centrally located piazza, future redevelopment of key Crown landholdings and closure of a portion of Old Perth Road to create a pedestrian only zone, which will include amenity such as play elements, seating, shade, alfresco dining and street treatments to separate area from vehicles.  A range of heights are proposed up to 10 storeys, in strategic locations to ensure the retention of heritage and character, and having regard to overlooking and overshadowing.

 As a means of supporting much needed and much wanted town centre development, Council also resolved will take a proactive and flexible view of applications that are consistent with the Masterplan, the desired built form of the precinct, and any comments and/or recommendations provided by the Town’s Design Review Panel. This paves the way for the immediate implementation of the Masterplan ahead of the ongoing review of the local planning strategy and scheme, and the future Precinct Structure Plan.

 Ultimately, the Masterplan is an ambitious but well-considered vision for the Town Centre; one which will hopefully set the tone for future successes within the precinct. The Town thanks all those involved in the process and looks forward to future investment and the creation of a thriving and liveable centre for Bassendean.

Bassendean Town Centre Masterplan

Article in the West Australian - 25 November 2021

Community Survey Engagement Report