Local Planning Schemes

Local Planning Schemes establish the planning aims for the district, such as providing suitable housing, protecting the amenity and character of an area or providing opportunities for employment through the provision of commercial and industrial land. Local Planning Schemes are effectively the local planning rules which determine where development can occur, and the manner and form of the development. 

Local Planning Scheme No. 10

Local Planning Scheme No. 10 (LPS 10) was gazetted on 24 June 2008 and is the primary planning instrument which development is guided and controlled.  The key function of the Scheme is to provide for the zoning and reservation of land, land use permissibility and development assessment parameters.

It consists of a Scheme Text and Scheme Maps, which are read in conjunction with the Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme Regulations 2015) (Schedule 2 – Deemed Provisions).  The deemed provisions replace various provisions of the Scheme Text and prevail where there is any inconsistency, while provisions of the Scheme Text which are not inconsistent with the deemed provisions continue to apply.

Local Planning Scheme No.10 - Text

Local Planning Scheme No.10 - North Map

Local Planning Scheme No. 10 - South Map

Deemed Provisions for Local Planning Schemes

Scheme Amendments

The following outlines the Scheme Amendments to Local Planning Scheme No. 10:

Scheme Amendments

Amendment No.

Gazettal Date




Changing the maximum density code of residential development allowed in the Town Centre by virtue of clause 4.10.3 to R-Inner City.



Including 38a West Road (now part of 95 Old Perth Road) in the Town Centre zone.



Recode 12 Thompson Road, Bassendean to R40 – refused due to ad-hoc planning.



Rezoning Lots 202 & 203 Hyland Street to the parks and recreation reserve



MRS Road Reservation – Incorporated into omnibus Amendment 9.



Introducing an Additional Use for a Medical Clinic at 103 & 105 Old Perth Road.



Amending the Additional Use for 3 Broadway to include a Restaurant.



Introducing additional controls for Multiple Dwellings on land coded R40 and less – refer clause 4.3.2 and Scheme Maps.



Rezoning Lots 14 and 15 Surrey Street, part of the Bridson Street road reserve, Kelly Park, Reserve 32920 Hamilton Street, Reserve 47865 Watson Street, Reserve 30297 Third Avenue Bassendean, Lots 268 Prospector Loop, 293 Perway Lane, forming Reserve 49929 and lot 280 Atlantic Bend, forming Reserve 49930, Lot 41 Guildford Road, Part Lot 271 Hamilton Street to Parks and Recreation.

Rezoning Lot 20 Hanwell Way to Light Industry.

Rezoning Reserve 29953 Reid Street to Public Purposes – Drainage.

Applying an R10 residential density code to the unzoned portion of Lot 6 Earlsferry Court, Bassendean.

Applying an R20/40 residential density code to the unzoned portion of Lot 9 Walter Road East.



Scheme amendment to take into account of the Deemed Provisions – Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.



Scheme amendment to prohibit the retail sale of fuel within the Town Centre and Local Shopping Zones.

Town Planning Scheme 4A

Town Planning Scheme No. 4A (the Scheme) is a guided resumptive development scheme relating to Ashfield Flats, Bindaring/Pickering Park and a number of smaller areas in the Town of Bassendean.

The Scheme has been operating since 20 January 1981 and as such, predates the former Town of Bassendean - Town Planning Scheme No. 3 which was a land use zoning scheme that applies to the whole district.  Town Planning Scheme No. 3 has been replaced by Local Planning Scheme No. 10.

Town Planning Scheme 4A Business Plan

Town Planning Scheme 4A Map

Town Planning Scheme 4A Consolidated Financial Position (Former)

Local Planning Scheme No. 11

This Local Planning Scheme is currently out for consultation. 

To submit your feedback, visit the Local Planning Scheme No. 11 consultation page

Draft Local Planning Scheme 11

Local Planning Scheme FAQs