Justice of the Peace

A Justice of the Peace (JP) can witness official documents, administer an oath or affirmation, and take an affidavit.

A JP is available at Bassendean Memorial Library on the first four Wednesdays of the month from 10am-11.30am

Please be aware that our JPs are volunteers and there may be times when a JP is not available due to unforeseen circumstances.

If the times that a JP is available at the Library does not suit you, please check the Department of Justice website for other JPs that might be in the area.

When contacting JPs, please note they are volunteers who provide their services to the community free of charge. While JPs make themselves available as much as possible, it should be remembered that JPs have the same type of work and personal commitments as any other person. Accordingly, you will need to negotiate a mutually acceptable time and place for appointment.