Business Matters

In July 2020, Council resolved to adopt a new Strategic Community Plan, which defines the Town’s vision, aspirations and priorities for the next 10 years. It is the key guiding document that informs all other plans, strategies and policies and the Town’s actions and decisions.

Two of the seven priority areas are “Creating a vibrant town and precincts” and “Driving financial sustainability” which seek to lead to increased local employment, increased local supply-chain use, increased development within the town centre, increased population within the town, retention of existing businesses and the creation of new businesses. It proposes to do that by prioritising infrastructure projects that generate local employment and support a circular economy and by advocating for town centre development.

Whilst the SCP is an intentionally high-level, strategic document, it does clearly demonstrate the Town’s desire for business development throughout the district. This page contains information to help businesses operate, grow and prosper.

Business Development Statement

Bassendean Economic Report Card

Alfresco Dining and Public Trading

The Town of Bassendean is committed to supporting local businesses and encourages alfresco dining and public trading.

The following information provides guidance on the assessment of alfresco dining and public trading applications.

Alfresco Dining