From now until the end of  November 2022, Old Perth Road's north end will remain a pedestrian-only zone and will be available for pop-up events.

The Town of Bassendean invites residents, community groups and business owners to submit event proposal applications.

In our commitment to ensuring the ongoing value of the pedestrian-only zone, grants of up to $2k are being made available for those wanting to host events.

In order to qualify for a grant, the Town asks that the event meets the criteria that demonstrates it will add value to the community.

Read about our grants.

There is expected to be increase in foot traffic in the area, with the re-opening of the Bassendean Hotel, providing an opportunity to explore the potentials of having a permanent pedestrian-only zone and how this may benefit the Town in the future. 

Possible events could include (but not limited to);

  • Markets
  • Street fair
  • Petting zoo
  • Ceremonies
  • Music events
  • Summer games
  • Cultural festival
  • BBQs and other gatherings

If you would like to host an event but unsure where to start, please visit our Organising a Community Event page.

We are streamlining the process for events and grants applications as part of the Power to the People initiative. 



* The pedestrian-only zone will be offered as a public space only. Event organisers should provide their own marquees, stage, PA equipment etc if required. Event barriers will be provided by the Town.