Ranger Services

Ranger Services operate from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Ranger Services: 9377 7480

Cats and Dogs

Are you a responsible pet owner?

If your dog or cat escapes, we can help reunite your stray pet with you if it is registered with us with your up-dated address details.

Our Rangers will try to return your dog or cat to you by reading the registration tag and the microchip.

If your dog or cat is missing, please contact the Town’s Ranger Service on 9377 7480. 

Cats and dogs must be microchipped, sterilized and registered with the Town of Bassendean.

Cat Registration

Dog Registration

If your animal is impounded, all impound fees, registration fees and microchipping charges must be paid in full before release, and that no discounts or payment plans are available.

Further information

Amendments to the Dog Act 1976 came into effect on 1 November 2013. 

Dog Act

Dog Local Law


To provide a safe parking environment, our Rangers actively patrol the Town to ensure residents and visitors comply with the Town's Parking Local Laws. The Rangers monitor footpaths, verges, ACROD bays, schools and timed parking.

To protect the safety of school children, Rangers regularly check around schools to ensure cars are parked sensibly.

Motorists are advised to observe traffic restrictions and parking notices. Infringement Notices will be issued to offending motorists.

Parking Local Law

Fire Hazards

From November to March, all properties within the Town must comply with the fire season requirements. 

Fire Hazards

Litter and Illegal Dumping

The Town encourages residents and visitors to help keep our natural environment clean and litter free. Littering is an offence under the Litter Act and the Town's Rangers issue fines to offenders.

People caught illegally dumping waste in bushland areas or on road verges will receive an on the spot fine. Under the Act, you could also face prosecution and incur fines of up to $1000.

Residents with any concerns or enquiries can contact Ranger Services.


Tel: 9377 7480
Email: mail@bassendean.wa.gov.au