UPDATE: Transition out of Lockdown

Published on Friday, 2 July 2021 at 4:47:48 PM

The Town will continue to transition out of lockdown in accordance with restrictions from 12.01am Tuesday 6 July until 12.01am Monday 12 July. 

Some restrictions will remain in place. Masks will be mandatory for indoor public venues, including the workplace and on public transport. Exemptions apply including for medical reasons and primary school aged children or younger. Masks will no longer be required in outdoor public spaces where physical distancing is possible or when undertaking vigorous exercise indoors or outdoors. People are encouraged to use common sense and take a mask with them whenever they leave home.

Online and phone access continues. Email mail@bassendean.wa.gov.au or call 08 9377 8000.

During the transition out of lockdown, the Town will continue to offer these services for the community with the two square metre capacity rule applicable:

  • The Customer Service Centre will be open with a maximum of 7 persons in the foyer area (2sqm rule applies)
  • The Bassendean Memorial Library will be open with a maximum of 150 patrons at any time (2sqm rule applies)
  • Aged Care services (personal care, assisting with medications and restricted transport services only)
  • Children’s Services (Wind in the Willows)
  • Youth Services (2sqm rule applies)
  • Ranger Services
  • Community Facilities will re-open in accordance with the 150 person limit and 2sqm rule. Please contact the Town's Recreation and Culture team for advice on the maximum capacity for each facility. 
  • The RElax program will continue classes  (2sqm rule applies)
  • The Town’s Environmental Health Officers will be available to provide advice to restaurants, pubs and café owners in relation to these transition restrictions
  • The Volunteers Centre will remain closed, however Community Transport will continue to transport patients for medical appointments and for compassionate purposes.

The Town’s playgrounds and the skate park are available for use in accordance with restrictions (2sqm rule applies)

The Town will continue to monitor and act upon the latest advice from the State Government and WA Health Department.

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