Nature Upgrade at Palmerston Reserve

Published on Thursday, 27 May 2021 at 9:00:00 AM

Next week, 15 new trees will be planted at Palmerston Reserve as part of a nature upgrade designed to increase the habitat, biodiversity and urban cooling in the area.

Furthermore, in 12 months the reserve will receive additional trees plus 5000 new plants. 

This week some residents may have noticed the removal of the old Poplar trees.  The trees had been assessed by the Town’s arborist as being in a poor state which is not uncommon in this species given their age.

Unrelated to the removal of the Poplar trees, is a new nature-based playground.

The site will be closed to the public for approximately 4 to 5 weeks, depending on weather conditions.

The Town can’t wait to present the newly upgraded reserve once complete!

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