Join a Bushcare Volunteer Group to Help Preserve the Town’s Natural Environment

Published on Monday, 6 May 2024 at 2:50:28 PM

The Town encourages community members to lend a hand to local bushcare volunteer groups to make a positive impact on our environment. These groups are actively seeking volunteers to assist in a range of activities aimed at preserving and enhancing our natural surroundings.

Here's a snapshot of the groups seeking your support:

Bassendean Preservation Group: Dedicated to enriching the biodiversity of the greater Bassendean area, the group arranges planting days in Ashfield Flats and operates a nursery GroCentre in Ascot.

Friends of Bindaring Wetland Bassendean: Formed to aid the ongoing rehabilitation of Bindaring Park Wetland, between Harcourt Street and Bassendean Parade.

Friends of Broadway Reserve: Established in 2024, this group seeks volunteers to participate in weeding and planting days at Broadway Reserve.

Friends of Success Hill Reserve: Committed to the care and revitalisation of Success Hill Reserve, on Seventh Avenue.

The Town also has two Community Action Network groups who engage in weeding and planting initiatives:

Ashfield Community Action Network: A local coalition dedicated to community improvement. They plan weeding and planting days at The Lookout and Gary Blanch Reserve.

Eden Hill Community Action Network: Advocating for a safe, connected, and culturally vibrant community, they organise weeding and planting events at Mary Crescent Reserve.

For more information and contact details for local bushcare groups, see the Town’s Community Directory. Join us in making a positive impact on our environment by volunteering. Together, we can nurture and preserve the natural beauty of our Town for generations to come.

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