Graffiti Removal and Management

Please report any graffiti to our contractor on the graffiti hotline at 1800 447 233.

Graffiti detracts from the visual amenity of the area, is destructive to property, adds to community perceptions of disorder, and is a cost burden to the community. 

An external contractor manages the removal of graffiti from:

  • All Council buildings, bus shelters, street signs etc
  • Other assets on Council owned land such as road signs, power poles, public utility equipment
  • From fences or walls on private property that adjoin Council-owned land such as parks, reserves, footpaths, and laneways.

Residents are encouraged to report all graffiti incidents on these assets.

The key to preventing recurring graffiti vandalism is the prompt reporting and removal of all graffiti. Graffiti vandals thrive on the visual exposure and recognition (amongst their peers) their graffiti provides. Its prompt removal deprives them of this recognition and discourages further attacks.

Managing graffiti is a community responsibility, reliant on partnerships between government, business, community organisations and residents.