Executive Team

Introducing the Town of Bassendean's Executive Team.

Please contact them on 93778000 or send an email

Peta Mabbs

Chief Executive Officer



  • Governance and HR
  • Communications and Community Engagement
  • Overall Responsibility for Staff 
  • Manage the organisation in line with the WA Local Government Act
  • Liaison with Mayor and Councillors

Paul White

Director Corporate Services 


  • Finance, Rates and Procurement
  • Customer Service
  • Library and IT
  • Children's and Youth Services
  • Seniors and Disability Services

Luke Gibson

Director Community Planning


  • Strategic Planning
  • Placemaking
  • Events, Arts and Culture
  • Rangers
  • Building
  • Environmental Health
  • Development Applications
  • Volunteering
  • Recreation  

Phillip Adams

Executive Manager Infrastructure


  • Roads, Cycling and Transport
  • Waste Management and Recycling
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Civil Construction Projects
  • Facilities Maintenance