Street Trees for the Verge

We’re responding to your requests to “green up” our suburbs by planting 1,000 trees in winter 2020 on verges, medians, parks, reserves and roundabouts.

Species List selected for the 2020 Planting Program include:

  • Jarrah Tree
  • Narrow Leaf Paperbark
  • Jacaranda
  • Spotted Gum
  • Broad Leaf Paperbark
  • Red Flowering Iron Bark
  • Willow Peppermint
  • Flooded Gum
  • Chinese Elm
  • Flame Bottle Tree
  • Marri Tree

Letters have been sent to these properties in April 2020 as the priorities for the tree planting this winter:

  • Areas in Eden Hill and Ashfield with underground power to create a lush, green canopy that we can all enjoy, now and into the future. 
  • Those residents who applied for a verge tree last year but missed out due to low stock

To maximise the survival rate, each tree will be staked and planted in a basin with a layer of mulch. Our contractors will water the trees during the first two summers and residents are encouraged to water them too.

Feedback from BassenDream Our Future and a community survey in 2019 revealed that our community want to see more trees lining our streets.

As well as making our Town a beautiful place to live and visit, our trees play a crucial role in cooling our streets and homes, providing shade, and encouraging birdlife.

The planting season runs during the cooler months when young trees are more likely to establish well in their new environment, typically from June until September.