Trees on private property

Management of Trees on Private Property

The management of trees on private property is the responsibility of the owner/occupier. 

Tree Protection

Local Planning Scheme No. 10 also contains provisions relating to tree preservation, including the ability for Council to order the preservation and maintenance of trees via Tree Preservation Orders and the implementation of Local Planning Policy No. 13 – Tree Retention and Provision

Register of Tree Preservation Orders

Tree Preservation Order Information Sheet

Tree Preservation Order Nomination Form

Tree Retention and Provision (LPP 13

Trees on Private Property Information Sheet

Extra FOGO bin - Significant Trees on Private Property

Through the Tree Canopy Action Plan, the Town supports the maintenance of significant trees (subject to a Tree Preservation Order) on private property. 

Eligible residents can apply to receive an additional FOGO bin at no charge, to assist with debris management. 

Please see the link above for the Register of Tree Preservation Orders. To request an additional FOGO bin please contact [email protected].

Trees on Public Property