Waste and Recycling

Efficient recycling and rubbish disposal is provided to keep Bassendean clean and green.

Services Include:

  • Weekly 240 litre rubbish bin collection.
  • Fortnightly 240 litre recycling bin (yellow lid) collection.
  • Weekly collection of litter bins from reserves and streets.
  • Annual bulk rubbish/junk collection (November/December).
  • Annual collection of tree prunings (May/June).
  • Annual provision of four tip passes to residents and businesses.
  • Waste collection for special events within the Town (e.g. Carols by Candlelight, Australia Day Celebrations etc).
  • Fridge collection

Your Recycling Bin (wheelie 240L)

The following items can be placed in your recycling bin for fortnightly collection:

  • Glass bottles and jars (lids removed)
  • All plastic bottles ( recycling symbol 1-7) (no lids)
  • Newspapers and glossy magazines, paper, envelopes
  • Cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, pizza boxes, egg cartons etc.
  • Cans - steel and aluminium only, including aerosols cans. Cans must be clean and empty (no lids)
  • Milk and juice cartons - must be rinsed clean

Your Rubbish Bin (wheelie 240L)

You can use your 240L rubbish bin for most normal household rubbish, up to a weight of 70kg.

Please do not put any of the following in your bin:

  • Hot or burning ash
  • Oil, liquids of any kind, paint or solvents
  • Bricks, concrete, earth or similar substances
  • Car batteries

Mobile Telephone Recycling

Mobile phones and batteries cannot be recycled in your normal Council recycling bin. However, they can be can be deposited in the library during opening hours (as well as used batteries, mobile batteries, printer cartridges, light globes and unwanted spectacles). You can also recycle mobile phones through retail outlets such as Optus World, Strathfield, etc. or through various charities such as Clean-Up Australia (freecall 1800 282 329) or Perth Zoo.

Free Refrigerator/Freezer Collection

A free refrigerator/freezer collection service is available for the residents of The Town of Bassendean, please call 9350 7195 to arrange. (residential properties only)

Residents are to place the refrigerator/freezer in an accessible location on council verge (door removed) on the day before collection or before 6.00am on collection day.

The Contractor for the Town of Bassendean is SUEZ Recycling & Recovery and they will phone the resident prior to the collection as a reminder.

Fridges do not need to be de-gassed.  

Refrigerator/Freezer Collection Service

Waste & Recycling Guide

Place your waste on the verge only on the indicated weekend set-out dates.


Bulk Rubbish



4-5/11/2017 5-6/5/2018


11-12/11/2017 12-13/5/2018


18-19/11/2017 19-20/5/2018


25-26/11/2017 26-27/5/2018


2-3/12/2017 2-3/6/2018

A printed Waste & Recycling Guide is delivered to each household in July each year.Waste and Recycling Guide 2017/2018

  • Additional copies can be obtained from Town of Bassendean's Customer Services, 35 Old Perth Road, Bassendean, or mailed to you on request - Phone 9377 8000

Recycling Hotline: 1800 855 955

More Information

Our Service Standards

We will aim to:

  • Pick up your bin on the due day. (You can help us by putting your bin on the verge by 6 am and ensuring that it is not overloaded).
  • Pick up of missed bins will be the next business day.
  • Supply a free replacement for a damaged or missing bin within 5 working days of notification.
  • Give you at least 2 weekends notice of a verge collection.
  • Collect bins from reserves and streets weekly or on demand.

  • Collect rubbish on the next business day after a special event.

For More Information

For enquiries about your rubbish or recycling collection service, please ring SUEZ  on 9350 7195

For more information about Greenwaste and Bulk Rubbish Collections, or to obtain a copy of the Town of Bassendean Waste & Recycling Guide, please call the Town of Bassendean on 9377 8000.

To find out what day your rubbish and recycling bins will be collected please see below.

Rubbish and Recycling Collection Days

Your rubbish bin is collected for emptying once a week and the recycling bin is collected for emptying once a fortnight. Please refer to your recycling calendar for the recycling week in your area. 

*** Your collection day may be rescheduled over Christmas Day/ Boxing Day/ New Years Day & Good Friday public holidays. Please refer to our News & Public Notices page on our website www.bassendean.wa.gov.au  or our facebook page www.facebook.com/bassendeancouncil/

Find Your Waste Collection Day