How do I dispose of these?

The recyclable goods drop off day (where we collect and dispose of recyclables for you) is currently cancelled until further notice

If we are going to make good quality compost from our organics, and we are going to recycle certain materials, it is important that you place your waste in the relevant bins and dispose of other items wisely, See below for some ideas:

Aerosol cans : Bring to the next Recycle Dropoff Morning  or drop off any time to Red Hill Waste Management Facility.

Aluminium lined UHT containers: These are not recyclable in your yellow lid bin so should go in your general waste bin.

Clothes or textiles: Take to op shops, sell them online, share with friends and place ragged ones in your general waste bin. If placed in the recycling bin, clothing can wrap around machinery at the recycling facility, causing delays and damage to equipment.

Garden waste or food waste: From June 29, Town of Bassendean residents will receive a brand new FOGO (Food Organics, Garden Organics) bin to put all garden and kitchen food scraps into. This new bin will receive a lot of the material from your general waste bin which would otherwise go to landfill. Find out more by visiting the FOGO page.

Until you receive your new bin, place garden and food waste into your general waste bin or set up a home compost, Bokashi or worm farm. 

Gas bottles: These are considered Household Hazardous Waste as they can explode, check here for drop off locations. 

Hazardous waste: Items such as batteries, paint, chemicals, aerosols, engine coolant and fluoro globes and tubes can be disposed of for free at one of the following collection points.

Meat trays: Due to contamination of meat trays and the materials used to make them, they should be placed in your general waste bin.

Mobile Phone: No electronics should ever go into your kerbside bins. Take these to the Town of Bassendean Library (along with household batteries, mobile batteries, printer cartridges, light globes and unwanted spectacles).

Nappies: Place in your general waste bin or make the switch to modern cloth nappies. Visit the Australian Nappy Association for more information.

Polystyrene: Bring to the next Recycle Dropoff Morning  or drop off any time to Claw Environmental, 5 Forge St, Welshpool.

Refrigerator/Freezer/Mattresses: A free collection service is available for Town of Bassendean residents at residential properties if you place the item out on the verge the day before or before 6am on collection day. Please call 9350 7195 to arrange. Leave the item in an easy-to-reach location, with fridge doors off. They do not need to be de-gassed. The contractor SUEZ Recycling & Recovery will phone the resident prior to the collection as a reminder. Mattresses are limited to three per year, per household)

On Call Collection Services

Ropes, cables or garden hose pipes: Place them in your red-lid bin. They are not recyclable. They are difficult to separate and damage equipment. 

Soft plastics and plastic bags: Collect your bubble wrap, chip packets and other scrunchable items for disposal at major supermarkets. Visit Avoid buying plastic in the first place, buy food in bulk or take your own container.

Other materials: For inquiries, contact the Town’s Waste Services on 9377 8000.

Recyclable Goods Drop Off Mornings - Cancelled Until Further Notice

Date:  Cancelled Until Further Notice


Bring: Your ID and proof  of your address as this is for Town of Bassendean residents only

Items accepted


Bikes, Bbq's, metal bed frames, iron/tin sheeting, air con units, hot water systems, dismantled swings, trampolines, white goods


Any untreated timber- off cuts (no longer than 1.5m), crates (NO MDF, painted, stained or laminated cabinets or furniture accepted)


TV's, computers, set-top boxes, monitors, keyboards, game consoles, speakers, stereo equipment, printers, scanners, photo copiers, DVD players, laptops, mobile phones, cameras


Cardboard boxes, cartons & packing boxes ( NO plastic or polystyrene packaging)


Car, trailer, 4WD (off rims only) ( 4 per household)


 Plastic tape and stickers removed


 Empty and gas exhausted


Asbestos Carpet Paint Household hazardous waste
Sofa or lounges Glass panels Green waste or household rubbish Mattresses
 Furniture or cabinets
Gas cylinders Polystyrene or PVC

Commercial / Industrial or Construction waste