Bassendean Briefings - No. 124

A Council-backed program focusing on bringing vibrancy and more people to Old Perth Road will be rolled out over the next 18 months. The west end of Old Perth Road is perceived by many locals as the heart of Bassendean. The recent closure of a number of tenancies in the precinct has had an adverse impact on local businesses and street activity. Whilst events such as the Town’s Community Cinemas and monthly Old Perth Road Markets have had a positive impact in bringing people to the area, more is required to sustain and build the economic activity within the area. The Town has responded by developing a short-term targeted plan to ‘activate’ the area. This includes a complementary mix of street events, community activities, art, additional lighting and landscaping. Over the next few months, you will notice some interesting and colourful changes to the streetscape including lots more activities and community events for locals and visitors alike. The changes are designed to achieve an immediate impact whilst the Town simultaneously undertakes the necessary planning for the medium to longer term to achieve more economic sustainable outcomes through bringing an increased number of people to the area through residential densification and relevant commercial activity in and around the Bassendean train station and the west end of Old Perth Road. This is consistent with State Government policy focusing on infill targets and transit-oriented developments. There will be a comprehensive community engagement strategy designed to shape this planning exercise. Old Perth Road to Bassendean Briefings December 2018–January 2019 | Issue No. 124 A Newsletter for the residents of Ashfield, Bassendean and Eden Hill distributed by your Council