Bassendean Briefings - No. 122

Update Local Planning Strategy Council is prioritising the development of design guidelines for the Town’s built environment to ensure that future development preserves the character of our Town and delivers good design outcomes. Council considers that design guidelines will be essential with proposed increases in residential density development that are being planned for strategic locations across the Town in response to the State Government’s planning mandate, Perth and Peel @3.5Million . Draft design guidelines, together with a range of residential density scenarios, are currently being developed and are envisaged to be released for public comment and feedback soon. Details about where and when the guidelines and density scenarios can be viewed and how feedback can be made on them will be announced through the Town’s website and local media. The community’s comment and feedback on these proposals will be integral to finalising a revised Local Planning Strategy and the remaining projects, tasks and studies listed in the revised (indicative) SPF Implementation Plan and which flow on from the revised strategy. The indicative dates for community input shown on the revised implementation plan largely represent stages at which it is anticipated that formal community consultation will take place in line with applicable planning processes. However, it envisaged that opportunities will be available for the community to become involved early on in the listed projects, especially in respect to the planning and design of proposed activity centres, urban corridors and neighbourhoods. A communications plan is currently being developed by the Town which will outline how, when and where etc local residents and landowners can become involved in these projects. Strategic Planning Framework (SPF) (Indicative) Implementation Plan 2018–2020 PROJECTS COMPONENT TASKS/STUDIES OPPORTUNITY FOR COMMUNITY INPUT Local Planning Policies + Design Guidelines (Jun 2018 — Sep 2019) Urban Corridors Planning + Design (Apr 2020 — Dec 2020) Neighbourhood Planning + Design (Apr 2020 onwards) Activity Centres Planning + Design (May 2019 — Jun 2020) Local Planning Scheme 10 Review (Nov 2018 — Aug 2020) Local Planning Strategy (Jun 2018 — Nov 2019) 01 05 06 04 03 02 Sep 2018 Sep — Oct 2019 Sep — Nov 2019 Aug 2018 Feb 2019 Aug — Sep 2020 To be determined Jun — Aug 2020 Sep 2018 Jun 2019 Feb —Mar 2020 Apr —May 2019 Design Guidelines Design Review Panel Local Planning Policies Review Transport Study Residential Density Scenarios Strategy Review/Revision Modify zonings, densities, standards etc Development Contribution Plan Bassendean + Success Hill Ashfield Eden Hill (cnr Morley Drive/Ivanhoe Street) Walter Road/Ida Street Lord Street Morley Drive (East) + Ivanhoe Street Collier Road + Iolanthe Street + Broadway Scope design program