Bassendean Briefings - No. 121

Local Planning Strategy update Progress with a number of planning studies to inform the review of the draft Local Planning Strategy continues. Since the last issue the Local Economic Overview has been completed and endorsed by Council. This overview provides a profile of the Town’s key demographic and economic characteristics, including a local real estate market profile, as well as an analysis of future commercial floor space demand. A copy of the overview is available for viewing and downloading from the Town’s website. Bassendean Built Form and Character Study A draft of the Bassendean Built Form and Character Study has also been completed, and has since been reviewed by the Town’s Design Bassendean Advisory Group. The outcomes of this study, including its recommended design responses, are presently being incorporated into a draft local planning policy (LPP) and draft design guidelines now being prepared. It is anticipated that the draft LPP and draft design guidelines—together with a range of residential density scenarios— will be released for public comment and feedback in early September 2018 for a 4 week period. More details about this will be provided in the next issue of the Bassendean Briefings . The Bassendean Transport Study The Bassendean Transport Study also continues to progress. Phase 1 of the study—which is a report on Bassendean’s current transport environment— has now been completed. This report will inform the development of a draft Local Integrated Transport Plan (Phase 2). A draft of this plan, once it has been considered by Council and its Design Bassendean Advisory Group, will be released for public comment and feedback, probably in early–mid August 2018. Again, more details about this will be provided in the next issue of the Bassendean Briefings . Sandy Beach Regional Playground Council continues to support the planning to construct a nature based playground at Sandy Beach Reserve. At its May Meeting, Council resolved to delay proceeding to the detailed design phase of the project until funding sources have been confirmed and an outline of the proposal, including the latest plans, being forwarded to the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions for their comment. In the event that a reduced project budget is supported by Council, Council will explore a proportionally scaled-down Version 2 Concept Design that would retain the core elements endorsed by the community, through the consultation process, incorporating an emphasis on nature play and minimising the use of plastic and concrete. In terms of complementary features to the proposed playground, Council does not support a go-kart track or additional car parking at the Sandy Beach Reserve location. In the event that Council supports a Version 2 Concept Design, a business case, incorporating the whole of life costs for the proposed playground, will be developed and presented in conjunction with the Version 2 Concept Plan. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) sheet has been prepared to provide additional information regarding the proposed playground. This can be found on the Town’s website at: nature-based-playground-faq.aspx. Please continue to check the Town’s website and Facebook page for project updates, and for more information please contact Mr Graeme Haggart, Director Community Development, on 9377 8000. Update Planning Reform Green Paper THE MINISTER for Planning has commissioned an independent review of WA’s planning system to identify ways to make it more efficient, open and understandable to everyone. To this end, the Minister for Planning has released a ‘Green Paper’ outlining the scope of the review and the nomination of five key areas for reform as follows: Strategically-led ; Legible ; Transparent ; Efficient ; and Delivering smart growth . According to the Minister, all feedback will help inform the preparation of a ‘White Paper’ that will be provided to the State Government for consideration of potential changes to the system, including potential regulatory changes. Submissions on the ‘Green Paper’ close at 5.00pm on Friday 20 July 2018. The proposals in the ‘Green Paper’ may affect the way local governments carry out their planning role and function into the future therefore the Town will be following closely the outcome of this review. For more information, please go to the Planning WA website at .