Women Thrive in the Town of Bassendean

Published: Wednesday, 20 March 2019 at 8:53:48 AM

Women have played and are playing a significant role in the development of the Town of Bassendean.

At a community event in Bassendean on 11 March, the prominence and importance of female role models was not only on display, but remembered and promoted through the answers to questions posed to our community.

Great women like May Holman and the many others who quite anonymously contributed significantly to the development of Bassendean were compared to the leadership and role-modelling of the current mayor, councillors and CEO of the Town of Bassendean.

The Town held an event titled “Celebrating Community Voices” to celebrate International Women’s Day and the launch of their new community engagement process. “Bassendream Our Future” is the Town’s new community engagement project, supported by consultants from Creating Communities and Collaborative Place Design.

The project team will be working with the community to develop a vision for the future of Ashfield, Bassendean and Eden Hill and inform a new Local Planning Strategy.

At “Celebrating Community Voices,” Peta Mabbs (CEO) and Renee McLennan (Mayor) opened the evening. This was followed by presentations from Dave Kelly MLA and Simone McGurk MLA, Minister for Child Protection; Women’s Interests; Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence; and Community Services, who presented on the development of a Women’s Plan to address gender inequality in Western Australia.

The Minister for Women’s Interests presented many ways in which women excel in all areas including leadership, business, sport and local communities but also noted that there is a long way to go before gender equality is reached in the areas of health and wellbeing, safety and justice, economic independence and leadership. Mayor McLennan emphasised the importance of having a wide diversity of views and demographics reflected, including hearing the voices of women of all ages, in the visioning and strategic land use planning for the Town of Bassendean. Without a diverse range of voices and input into the project, the future vision cannot reflect and support the diverse communities of the Town of Bassendean.

As the first engagement activity for “Bassendream Our Future”, participants then shared feedback about what has been great about the Town of Bassendean that has built strong women and girls, and what will inspire women and girls of the Town of Bassendean into the future. Many participants stated that inspirational role models in the community, a safe and supportive community and strong local schools have all contributed to building strong women and girls. Feedback also shows that role models and female leaders will be even more important into the future, as will employment and education opportunities, opportunities for women and girls in sport, and improving the safety of local neighbourhoods.

This event was the first step in “Bassendream Our Future”, understanding what is great about Ashfield, Bassendean and Eden Hill and how your community could be even better in the future. There will be multiple upcoming opportunities for you to shape the future of your community. In early April, the old post office at 31 Old Perth Road, Bassendean will open as the project’s Ideas Hub, where you can drop in during business hours. We look forward to hearing your ideas.

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