Update on Success Hill to Railway Parade PSP consultation

Published: Wednesday, 28 February 2018 at 8:36:08 AM

Midland Railway Principal Shared Path

Success Hill to Railway Parade

Department of Transport Main Roads Western Australia            

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The Department of Transport and Main Roads Western Australia are working in partnership to develop the missing link along the Midland Railway Principal Shared Path (PSP) between Success Hill and Railway Parade.


WA’s PSP network is a collection of high-quality, convenient paths that are designed to create safe routes for people wanting to walk or ride around their local community or to commute to other places. The paths connect to major destinations along freeways and railway lines and provide greater connectivity to community facilities.

The Success Hill to Railway Parade PSP project forms part of the Department of Transport’s PSP Expansion Program which is focusing on fillings gaps and extending the network within a 15km radius of the Perth CBD.

Consultation process

Consultation for this project began in January when a technical drawing was presented to the community for comment.

Feedback on the concept was gathered through a number of channels including an online survey hosted on the Town of Bassendean website, direct correspondence, stakeholder meetings and a community workshop held on 16 January at the Bassendean Community Hall.

Since the comment period closed on 5 February, work has been undertaken to analyse the feedback received and review the proposed design.

A consultation summary is included on the back of this mail out which provides an overview of the key comments, concerns and queries that emerged during the comment period and details the responses and key actions identified for each.

A detailed report of the consultation findings and reviewed design were provided to Council for consideration at their meeting on 27 February.

More information about this project and the PSP Expansion Program can be found by visiting www.transport.wa.gov.au/activetransport/principal-shared-path-expansion-program.asp

Consultation summary

Loss of trees and vegetation

Trees and shrubs along the route marked for removal

Large trees 01-1.5m in diameter                           0

Medium trees 5 (1 with rot)0.3-1m in diameter     5 (1 with rot)

Small trees 120-0.3m in diameter                         12     

Shrubs                                                                   6

An aim of the Department of Transport is to make WA a place where riding is a safe, connected, convenient and widely-accepted form of transport.

Developing paths that are inviting and visually appealing plays an important role in this and, combining natural planting and greenery is one way it can be achieved.

As part of the comment period, many people expressed concerns about the removal of trees and vegetation required to make way for the path.

In response to feedback the proposed path design has been further reviewed to ensure the impact on trees is reduced as much as possible. This includes the potential for sections of the path to be built on platforms to avoid disrupting root systems.

The Department will be replacing each removed tree with three replacement trees or shrubs, which will result in over 100 trees and other additional plantings along this section of path when the project is complete.

This project has also been identified as a potential site for a Green Transport Route, which is an initiative being proposed to enhance path amenity through natural landscaping.

If you would like to be kept informed about this initiative or be involved in planning, planting and maintaining the natural aspects of the path please register your interest by emailing cycling@transport.wa.gov.au

Support for completion of the missing PSP link

Many people support the completion of the continuous off-road path from Midland to the Perth CBD, emphasising that the PSP provides an important, safe and easy-to-use route for local trips as well as for commuters travelling through. Some people have suggested that instead of the PSP link, an on-road cycling facility be constructed, similar to a safe active street (bike boulevard).

The purpose of PSPs is to create continuous and safe riding facilities that cater for riders of all abilities and confidence levels. Moving people from the PSP onto an on-road facility and back again over a short distance would mean interrupting the continuity and flow of their journey.

For this reason a safe active street treatment is not seen as a viable alternative to completing the missing link in the PSP.

Potential conflict between people riding and walking

As part of feedback received, concerns were raised about the potential for conflict between people walking and riding near Success Hill Train Station.

In areas where high volumes of people walking and riding exist, the Department of Transport uses applicable treatments such as widening, segregation, pavement markings and path realignments to increase awareness, control speeds and improve safety for all path users.

The Department and the Town of Bassendean are looking into a range of options for this space including signage and surface treatments similar to those that exist at Maylands Train Station.

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