Small Business Friendly

Published on Monday, 2 September 2019 at 2:51:16 PM

The Town of Bassendean has signed the Small Business Friendly Local Government Charter to demonstrate our commitment to be small business friendly.

The Small Business Friendly Local Governments initiative was developed by the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC), a State Government agency focused on supporting small business in Western Australia.

The Towns’ commitment to the Charter helps us to ensure we are continually improving our interaction with and support of local small businesses in Bassendean, Ashfield and Eden Hill.

If you are a small business, visit for free advice, resources, workshops and access to information across all business disciplines.

The Town of Bassendean recognises the value and significance small businesses play in helping to create attractive, liveable communities and fostering a connected and vibrant economy that supports a prosperous and sustainable future.

Small Business Charter

The Town will work with local businesses to set goals to achieve each 12 months. By signing the Charter, the Town is demonstrating a commitment to work with and support small business by initiatives such as:

  • Making on-time payments
  • Accepting online payments
  • Simplifying processes and forms
  • Supporting local small business suppliers
  • Training opportunities for small business people

Small Business Friendly Brochure

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