Recycling in WA has changed!!

Published: Thursday, 20 September 2018 at 12:00:00 PM

What now can be put in your yellow lid recycling bin?

 As a result of China’s new import requirements of recyclable materials the State Government established a Waste Taskforce.

The taskforce is addressing how waste is to be recycled in WA and reducing contaminated waste.

What now can go in your yellow lid bin – Plastic, Steel, Glass & aluminium containers, Paper and cardboard

All recycling facilities in Western Australia NO longer accept these items in the yellow lid recycling bin

Soft “scrunchable” plastics

Like Plastic bags, cling wrap, bubble wrap, lolly papers, chip packets, cereal bags

Take all soft plastics to REDcycle bins in major supermarkets. These will be recycled into park equipment, bollards and other items.

Aerosol cans

Aerosol cans are hazardous as they contain flammable liquids, which can cause fires and explosions at the recycling facility.

Please take aerosols to Red Hill Waste Management Facility, 1094 Toodyay Rd, Red Hill.

Meat trays

Due to contamination of meat trays and the materials used to make them, they should be placed in your general waste bin.


Polystyrene is light and bulky.

Please take polystyrene to Claw Environmental, 5 Forge St, Welshpool


What now can go in your yellow lid recycling bin?

  • Aluminium & Steel cans
  • Paper & Cardboard (NO shredded paper)
  • Plastic bottles, tubs and containers (NO Lids)
  • Glass bottles & Jars (NO Lids)

All items should be clean, dry and empty with lids removed.

Place all items loose in your recycling bin.

What goes in your yellow lid bin     what goes in your yellow lid bin 2

DO NOT put these in your yellow lid recycling bin

Plastic bags and light plastic film


Clothes or textiles

Garden waste and food waste

Gas bottles

Ropes, cables and garden hose pipes

If in doubt, leave it out

do not put these in your yellow lid bin do not put these in your yellow lid bin 3

In addition, the State Government has launched a new waste & recycling website -Own your Impact, to help the community to reduce waste and recycle correctly go to or go to

How you can help reduce waste.

Bring your own reusable bags or containers

Choose items with minimal packaging

Purchase less soft plastics

Do the right thing and put it in the right bin

Waste is everyone’s responsibility

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