Planning for Playtime at Sandy Beach Reserve - Community consultation

Published: Tuesday, 3 April 2018 at 1:53:59 PM

Welcome to the Planning for Playtime @ Sandy Beach Reserve!

Initial community consultation for the Nature-Based Playground at Sandy Beach, resulted in a wide range of input from children, teenagers, parents and other adults.  There were many suggestions of play elements for inclusion in the play space and all feedback was considered in developing a concept design which best meets the needs and preferences of the community.  

As part of this stage  of community consultation, the community was invited to review the play space design and to provide queries, comments and questions regarding the design, usage/functionality and any other matters on the proposed playground.

Feedback received from the community was presented at the Community Consultation Meeting held 28 March 2018.  The purpose of this meeting is to answer any queries or respond to comments that arise from the public review of the play space design.

To review the community meeting presentation, with survey results, click here.



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