Now Open- AIC and ARMC vacancies 2017

Published: Tuesday, 21 November 2017 at 12:00:00 AM





Council is seeking community members for the Access and Inclusion Committee and Audit and Risk Management Committee for the 2017/19 term.  Shown below are details of each Committee where community vacancies are required to be filled.   


If you are interested in nominating please click here for a nomination form.  Further information can also be found here on each of the Committees.  Nominations close on 5 January 2018.



Role and Meeting Details

Access & Inclusion Committee

This Committee advises Council on issues relating to people with disabilities including the improvement of access to Council services, programs and facilities, and monitors the implementation of the Town’s Disability Services Plan. 


This Committee meets quarterly at 10.00am on a Wednesday.

Audit & Risk Management Committee

This Committee assists Council in carrying out its audit functions under the Local Government Act and advises Council on significant risk management issues related to the Town.


This Committee meets quarterly at 5.30pm on a Wednesday.

Access Inclusion Committee

Audit and Risk Management Committee

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