Next Steps for Men's Shed

Published: Wednesday, 6 November 2019 at 3:14:00 PM

Construction has started on building a new Men’s Shed on the corner of May Holman Drive and Railway Parade.

Summary of Construction Milestones between October and December 2019 (tasks already completed in bold)

1. Fauna study
2. Building permit approved
3. Work starts
4. Earthworks 
5. Temporary fencing
6. Retaining wall
7. Drainage
8. Electrical and plumbing preparations
9. Concrete slab laid
10. Shed installed
11. External cladding
12. Fencing installed
13. Floor and wall tiles
14. Electricals and plumbing finalised
15. Car park constructed
16. Kerbing, bollards and linemarking
17. Temporary fencing removed
18. Shed completed
19. Certificate of construction awarded
20. Occupancy permit application
21. Handover to Town of Bassendean
22. Handover to new lessee Bassendean Community Mens Shed
23. Landscaping and revegetation of the site

Frequently asked questions:

1. When was this location chosen? 

Council resolved in June 2018 to build a Men’s Shed on this site after assessing viability at other locations.

2. Does the block of land stretch all the way to the Maltese Club?
No, there are two blocks of land between Railway Parade and the Maltese Club. One is vested in the Town of Bassendean and the other in the Railway Heritage Society for future use.

3. Who is funding the new shed?
The Town of Bassendean is contributing $170,000 and has secured a LotteryWest grant of $200,000 from the State Government.

4. Who owns the land?
The land is vested in the Town of Bassendean by the State Government for community use.

5. What is a Men’s Shed?
The Australian Men’s Shed Association supports about 1,000 Men’s Sheds which are community-run, offering manual arts, hobbies and company for men of all ages.

6. What are the benefits of a Men’s Shed?
They encourage mateship, overcome loneliness and improve men’s health and wellbeing.

7. Who will use it?
A lease will be negotiated with the Bassendean Community Men’s Shed. Depending on excess capacity and membership numbers, it could be used for other community purposes and these are being explored.

8. Who will own it?
The new facility will be owned by the Town of Bassendean.

9. How many members are in the Bassendean Community Men’s Shed?
About 70. History has shown that once a new Men’s Shed opens that membership increases four-fold in the first six months. Nearby sheds are located at Bayswater, Midland, Vincent and Belmont. To find your local shed, go to

10. Who is constructing the shed?
Outdoor World Wangara has been contracted by the Town of Bassendean to design and build the shed including earthworks, construction and plumbing.

11. What will the shed look like? 

It will be a bolt-down, kit-style steel shed on a concrete base, with two sections; a community space, and a workshop space. It’s dimensions will be 6.5m high by 15m wide and 30m long. Its width (15m) will face May Holman Drive with windows at the front and cement-board cladding.

12. When will the shed be completed?
It is due for completion in December 2019

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