Management Restructure

Published: Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at 8:45:00 AM

The Town of Bassendean is recruiting for new senior staff after a restructure of the local government’s management in June 2019.

Chief Executive Officer Peta Mabbs signalled a change in direction and a bigger focus on governance, place making, infrastructure and the community.

“Based on extensive consultation with the community, staff, Councillors and other stakeholders, I am confident the changes will deliver significant improvements over time,” she said.

Reducing the number of directors from four to two, the new roles include:

  • Director Community Planning (new)
  • Director Corporate Services (hired)
  • Executive Manager Infrastructure (new)

Council asked the CEO to deliver an appropriate organisational structure for administering the Town of Bassendean which reflects the community aspirations, workforce resources and systems required to meet future challenges.

These include:

Ensuring a robust, effective and high performing leadership team

  • Creating a more unified organisation
  • Transforming service quality and efficiency
  • Promoting a more community focus
  • Driving performance and outcomes
  • Developing staff
  • Establishing effective systems and processes
  • Ensuring effective channels of communication
  • Delivering greater value for the community

Ms Mabbs said the changes would translate to greater value for the community.

The new structure, designed to be cost-neutral whilst delivering greater outcomes, is part of a broader reform program designed to reorientate and reinvigorate the organisation to meet future challenges. 

The first appointee, accountant Paul White, joined the Town of Bassendean on Monday 17 June as Director Corporate Services.

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