Published: Monday, 14 January 2019 at 1:47:11 PM

After a fantastic food binge over Christmas, Town Health Services staff thought it was time to check out the LiveLighter website – and found a treasure trove of easily accessible information and resources.

Bought to us by the WA Department of Health and the WA Cancer Council, we are all familiar with LiveLighter ads, showing the direct correlation between what we eat and unhealthy fats in our bodies. The message is really bought home to us with real-life images of what those unhealthy fats look like.

Health Services’ resident health nut ran through the quick and fun Junk Food Calculator, calculating results from the last week (NOT the Christmas – New Years week, that would be silly), and was not happy!! A few ‘oh yeah I’ll have that’ post-Christmas indulgences added up to five teaspoons of fat, eleven teaspoons of sugar, 2325 kilojoules, and 1% of weekly energy needs all coming solely from junk food.

Happily, right underneath the Junk Food Calculator results is a link to healthy free meal plans. Here you can find great options: weekly healthy meal plans with editable shopping lists and the ability to track meals, exercise and weight; a 12-week meal planner using personal information to calculate how much energy your body needs to achieve and maintain a healthy weight; and Family Meal Plans, with a range of 30 minute recipes and downloadable meal plans and shopping lists.

And there are so many more resources available – a Sugary Drinks Calculator, Top Tips for healthy eating, Tools and Resources – to name a few.

Have a browse through the LiveLigher site for all the tools you need to change unhealthy habits and plan for a healthier life!

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