Introducing Wind in the Willows Waste Warriors!

Published: Tuesday, 26 March 2019 at 1:55:22 PM

Environmental sustainability and intergenerational responsibility are essential components for early childhood education. With this in mind Children’s Services teamed up with Little Green Steps to engage in education for the early childhood community and initiate a reducing waste strategy.

A number of Educators have attended training to learn more about how to reduce waste and inspire future generations to also embark on this journey. In addition, on February 5th Children’s Services hosted a LGS Reducing Waste workshop for the Early Childhood Community, which was well attended by Educators and Teachers in the EMRC.

The Wind in the Willows Waste Warriors are the champions of driving education of greater environmental sustainability for Children’s Services and we all have a responsibility to ensure that a habitable world is left for future generations long after we are gone.

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