FREE home composting workshop

Published: Wednesday, 9 January 2019 at 11:04:53 AM

Have you always wanted to try composting at home?

The Town of Bassendean is looking for residents who would like to participate in a composting program to help them better understand how local families can reduce their kitchen waste.

How to get involved

1 Residents are invited to attend FREE workshop with an opportunity to purchase either a Bokashi bin, worm farm or 150L compost bin at a subsidised costs

2 Must be a resident of the Town of Bassendean to attend and may purchase one of the home composting methods at a subsidised cost. Residents must attend the workshop to be eligible to access the subsidy. Numbers are limited

3 Cost for residents after subsidy are as follows: - Bokashi bin with 1kg Bokashi mix $34 - Worm farm with 1kg worms $51.50 - 150L compost Bin $20

4 Register to attend the composting workshop by calling 9377 9030

Workshop details                                                                 

When - Tuesday February 19 2019

Where - Ashfield Soccer Club

40 Haig St, Ashfield

2 hour workshop 7 - 9pm

What you will learn at the workshop

  1. How to set up your own worm farm at home;
  2. what to feed your worms;
  3. how to convert your kitchen scraps and garden clippings into compost;
  4. and other strategies to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Free home composting workshop

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