Cash for Cans

Published: Tuesday, 16 July 2019 at 12:08:09 PM

Recycle your containers at the Old Perth Road markets on 28 July between 9am and 1.30 pm and receive 10c per container! 

Working with the Town of Bassendean, WALGA with funding from the State Government, is providing you with the opportunity to try out the Container Deposit Scheme.


  • The maximum number of containers that will be accepted is 200 per family/group/household
    •  The containers that will be accepted are:

      • Containers 150ml – 3 litres in volume
      • Aluminium beverage containers (e.g. beer or soft drink)
      • Glass or plastic bottles (e.g. beer/cider/pre-mix  and water bottles)
      • Flavoured milk cartons (e.g. choc chill)
    • Please rinse your containers, to ensure they’re clean and empty
    • Take the lids off your bottles, we’ll accept the lids for recycling if you bring them along
    • No broken glass containers will be accepted

    Unfortunately we can’t accept wine or spirit bottles or plain milk containers as they will not be covered by the WA Container Deposit Scheme.  The WA Container Deposit Scheme is coming in early 2020!  

    For further information contact the Town's Waste & Recycling Officer on 9377 8000

    cash for cans


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