Attractive Place for Home Based Business

Published on Friday, 28 August 2020 at 11:03:45 AM

The Town of Bassendean has a welcoming attitude to home-based businesses and is seeking your feedback on a proposed local planning policy designed to strengthen the Town’s reputation as an attractive location for home-based businesses​, encourage registration and to â€‹provide certainty for prospective applicants.

The aim is to provide a framework for the assessment of applications for home-based businesses and to provide appropriate information and assistance. The new draft policy provides guidance for the assessment of potential impacts on the character and amenity of nearby residents and the surrounding residential area.

The policy relates to applications for family day care, home businesses and home occupation.

It is part of a major overhaul of Council’s policies and the decision to revoke two outdated policies (Council Policy 1.16 - Administrative Policy for Dealing with Unregistered Home Occupations and Council Policy 3.1- Home Based Businesses Policy (CP 3.1).

It provides advice to applicants about the information they need to submit, criteria for hours/days of operation and anticipated number of clients/customers or children.

Provide your feedback by 25 September at 

Yoursay Bassendean

In summary:

  • Hours of operation generally align with retail shopping hours, although home-based businesses cannot operate on Sundays or public holidays. Applications seeking to vary these hours will be determined at a Council meeting.
  • Consultation requirements (not required by smaller businesses), only by larger home businesses (up to 50m² and two external employees)
  • Family Day Care business hours differ as before and after school care is often required.  The number of children depends on the lot size to mitigate any potential impacts of noise, parking and play areas
  • Traffic and Car Parking – except for family day care, clients must attend by appointment only, with a 15-minute break between clients
  • The draft Policy does not deal with applications for non-residential uses in residential zones such as child care centres, short stay accommodation and places of worship, which will be dealt with under a separate policy.

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