Stallholder Information

Am I eligible to become a stallholder

The Old Perth Road Markets are primarily an art and craft market catering for local artisans, producers and growers.

If you sell any of the below items you may be eligible a stallholder…

  • Arts and crafts that have been handmade or handcrafted locally
  • Local produce i.e. fruit, vegetables, honey, cheese, breads, baked goods, wine/spirits, pet food/treats etc.
  • Hot foods, beverages, and desserts.

If you sell any of the below items you are not eligible to become a stallholder…

  • Any network marketing goods i.e. Tupperware, doTerra, Isagenix, Avon
  • Mass produced/imported goods

The Old Perth Road Markets may accept or reject any application at its sole discretion. Acceptance will be based on locality, quality and diversity.

How to become a stallholder

  1. Send an email to explaining what you intend to sell. Include photos of your product if you have them. You will be advised if you should submit a stallholder application.
  2. Visit the online booking system here. Click ‘register’ in the top right hand corner. Here is a step-by-step process of how to create a stallholder application.
  3. Wait for your stallholder application to be approved. This usually takes 24-48 hours.

How to book a market

All bookings are made through our online booking system here. Once your stallholder profile has been created and insurance/permit documentation has been uploaded, you may apply for the markets you wish to attend.

  1. Click ‘Apply for Market Dates’
  2. Select the category of stall you will be running and the number of site you require. If the category of stall you require is unavailable, the limit may have been reached. Please contact the stallholder coordinator.
  3. Select the type of site you wish to use.
  4. Select the market dates you wish to attend. If you want to only pay for one market at a time, only select one market date.
  5. Select if you require power. Power is required at all twilight markets and will be automatically selected for you.
  6. If you require casual insurance through the Town of Bassendean you may purchase it for $15.
  7. Read & tick the ‘Terms & Conditions’ We do not offer refunds, nor can your payment be transferred to another market.
  8. Click the green PayPal box in the bottom right corner. You do not need a PayPal account to pay, only a debit or a credit card. We do not accept cash, cheques or direct deposits.

If you need assistance please contact the stallholder coordinator


Site types

There are three site types available:

  1. Cabana (3m x 3m) this site is located in the middle of the road.
  2. Trestle (3m x 1.5m) this site is located on the footpath and is usually covered by the building awning.
  3. Van/trailer (3m x 3m) this site is located in the middle of the road.
  • Each site attracts the same fee.
  • Only the site is provided, therefore stallholders must bring their own tables, chairs, gazebo, weights and lighting.
  • Sites will be allocated by the stallholder coordinator and stallholders will be advised of their site the week of the market.

Stall fees & payment method

Morning Markets

  • A single site is $40.
  • If you book and pay for 3 or more consecutive markets a 15% discount will be applied.
  • If you require power, you can purchase it for an additional $10.

Twilight Markets

  • A single stall is $50.
  • Power is include in your fee.

Payment Method

We only accept payment through the online booking system using PayPal or a debit/credit card.

We do not accept cash, cheques or direct deposits.

Your booking is not secure until payment is made.

We do not offer refunds nor can your payment be transferred to another market date.

Public liability and product insurance

Public liability insurance is mandatory ($10m public liability & $10m product liability, where applicable). You can either; purchase cover through an insurance provider or pay an additional $15 per market for casual insurance.

If you purchase insurance through a provider, a PDF copy of your policy must be uploaded to the ‘uploads’ section of the online booking system.

Food/edible product permits

Once your stall holder application has beeen approved and you intend on selling products that are for human consumption, then you need to apply and be granted a Temporary Food Permit prior to booking market dates.

Town of Bassendean Health Services can take up to 21 days to process each permit.

Download the Temporary Food Business Permit Application here.


Power is available at every market. At a morning market, if power is required there is an additional $10 fee which must be selected at the time of booking. At an evening market, power is included in your site fee.

The Old Perth Road Markets are able to supply each stallholder 5amps from a single supply. If you require more than 5amps to operate, you must contact the stallholder coordinator.

Market day bump in & parking

  • Old Perth Road will be closed to traffic from 7am on the day of a Sunday Morning Market, and from 3pm on the day of a Saturday Twilight Market.
  • In order to set up quickly and efficiently, stallholders are only allowed to park alongside their site to offload their goods into their site.
  • Vehicles are then required to leave the market area and park in the designated stallholder parking area at the end of James Street on the reserve.
  • All vehicles should be removed from the markets area 30 minutes prior to the market start time.

Market day bump out & clean up

  • Stallholders are required to remain open till close of market.
  • All stallholders must vacate their site within one hour of markets closing to allow roads to be re-opened.
  • Stallholders are asked to be considerate of their environment and ensure their site is left clean and tidy.


Safety guidelines

  • Stallholders are responsible for the safety of the public and safety of products sold within their allocated stall site.
  • All shelters, cabanas, umbrellas, tables, display props etc. set up safely and are secured properly.
  • Walkways must be kept clear at all times and hazards should be reported to a Rotary Volunteer or the Stallholder Coordinator.
  • Stallholders must complete an “Incident Report Form” for any and every incident involving a third party.

Stallholder rules

  • Stallholders are not permitted to wander around the markets or stand in the walkway in front their site handing out flyers/samples or stopping passersby to encourage them into their site/gather information.
  • No amplifiers or PA systems are permitted.
  • Smoking by stallholders is discouraged.

Single-use plastic free markets

The Town of Bassendean is collaborating with Boomerang Alliance to establish a Plastic-Free Bassendean (more information is available here). This includes events that run within the Town of Bassendean. Therefore, all stallholders are asked to refrain from using single-use plastic when serving food or in the packaging of products.

For assistance with sourcing alternatives, please contact the stallholder coordinator.