Greening Bassendean

Greening Bassendean comprises a suite of initiatives to enable us to deliver on our obligations with respect to the protection, restoration and enhancement of our environment.

The Town of Bassendean is committed to preserving and enhancing the area’s biodiversity – plants, animals, and ecological communities - through its Urban Forest Strategy, providing social, economic and environmental benefits, and contributing to the amenity and character of the Town.

The following is a list of the Town of Bassendean’s policies, plans, strategies, programs and general information that support the Greening Bassendean initiatives.

Better Urban Forest Planning Guideline

On 8 November 2018, the Western Australian Planning Commission, Department of Planning Lands & Heritage and WALGA launched the Better Urban Forest Planning Guideline, to assist Local Governments in the strategic planning of their urban canopy. The development of the guideline is aimed at supporting these efforts and promoting best practice in urban tree canopy management. The document provides information, tools and case studies and a toolbox of statutory and strategic planning instruments and guidance to promote the tree retention and planting. The Guideline is available via the website at

Urban Forest Strategy

The Town of Bassendean’s Urban Forest Strategy will secure the urban forest as a sustainable asset, which further contributes to the Quality of Life, Liveability and Quality of Living.

A thriving urban forest should be seen as a desirable quality that supports sustainable growth in population, property and industry and therefore the livelihoods, lifestyles and health for the entire community.

Draft Urban Forest Strategy

Council Policies

Town Planning & Built Environment

Environmental Sustainability and Adaptation to Climate Change

Open Space Plans

Infrastructure Strategies & Reports

Asset Management

The Town of Bassendean provides a range of services to its customers. The vast majority of these services are supported by one or more different assets.

To encourage a continuous improvement approach to the management of its assets, the Town of Bassendean operates an asset management framework. This framework helps to ensure that assets are provided, maintained and operated to the best of the Town’s ability.

A key feature of the asset management framework is its ‘ownership’ by a cross directorate Asset Management Working Group that provides leadership and input to the development of a number of key Policies and Plans, including:

  • Asset Management Policy;
  • Asset Management Strategy;
  • Asset Management Plans for all major asset groups;
  • Applicable operational procedures;
  • Recreational Asset Management - includes but not limited to assets within areas such as:
    • Parks reserves
    • River Foreshore
    • Native bushland and conservation areas
    • Flood plain
    • Medians and verges

Existing street tree management programs and reports:

Greening Bassendean General Information sheets available for our residents:

Information Sheets