Online Form - Waterwise Verge Rebate Program Application Form

The Town of Bassendean is offering a limited number of rebates for residents who transform their verges from grass/hardstand to waterwise verges. Rebates of up to $200 will be available to eligible residents (eligibility criteria provided below).

To apply for a rebate, residents must be eligible and provide a photo of the current condition of their verge.

To receive the rebate, residents must have applied for the rebate program, received confirmation that they are eligible and have been accepted into the program, have created a waterwise verge that meets the program requirements (see below), provide photos of the verge after transformation works have been completed and send through copies of their receipts when claiming the rebate.


Funding is limited and will be granted for eligible applications on a first come first served basis until the pool of grant funding is exhausted. A maximum of $200 will be available per verge application.


Program Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

  • The verge makeover must comply  with the Town’s Verge Treatment Policy and Verge Treatment GuidelinesVerges » Town of Bassendean
  • The applicant must be a Town of Bassendean property owner or strata company. Currently no applications will be accepted from tenants.
  • The verge area to be transformed must be over 20m2
  • Corner blocks may apply, the area to be transformed on at least one of the verges must be over 20m2
  • Battle-axe developments and strata complex/ grouped dwellings where the verge is shared can apply for the rebate but must have written support from the other property owners sharing the verge, stating that they support the verge transformation. This letter of support must come from the property owners or strata company.
  • The current verge must not be an existing native garden.
  • I must remove grass or hard surfaces prior to planting, complete all works and submitted the rebate information before 1 September 2022.NOTE: Any applicants accepted into the program who do not complete the transformation by 1 September 2022 will not be able to participate in the program again for the following two years.
  • I must include 5-10cm of coarse mulch (woodchip or tree prunings) and waterwise plants (local native plants preferred). The Water Corporation's Waterwise Plant DirectoryWaterwise Plants Perth & WA | Water Saving & Drought Tolerant Plants ( and the Town’s Verge Treatments GuidelinesVerges » Town of Bassendean provide information on some suitable plants.

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By completing this form you are confirming you are an eligible applicant for the rebate as outlined above.

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