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Program Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

I accept that to have an eligible application for the verge garden makeover I must:

Town of Bassendean Verges

  • Be a Town of Bassendean property owner. Currently no applications will be accepted from tenants or property owners part of a strata complex, grouped dwelling or battle-axe development where the verge area is shared. A review of the trial will consider these property types for future programs.
  • Commit to removing grass or hard surfaces prior to planting and complete all works before 1 September 2021
    Include 5-10cm of coarse mulch (woodchip or tree prunings) and waterwise plants (local native plants preferred).

The following resources provide information on suitable plants:

The Water Corporation's Waterwise Plant Directory

The Town's Verge Treatments Guidelines

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I accept that to have an eligible application the verge garden makeover my verge to be transformed must:

  • Be over 20m²

  • Not be on a corner block

  • Not be an existing native garden

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