Living Streams and Drainage for Liveability

The Town values and understands the importance of its natural areas and waterways. One of the priorities identified in the 2020-2030 Strategic Community Plan was to value and conserve and protect our water resources and water ways through the implementation of waterwise initiative and policies and converting drainage infrastructure into living streams.

Mary Crescent Reserve

The Our Park, Our Place project at Mary Crescent Reserve is a collaborative project aimed at reconnecting people with nature in their neighbourhood. Thanks to additional funding from the Water Corporation through the Drains to Liveability Program, the project scope expanded to include transformation of the compensation basin in the middle of the reserve into an ephemeral wetland area. For further information on this project, and to see what events and community workshops are coming up, head to the consultation page.  

Second to Fourth Ave Living Stream

Works are being undertaken to convert the open drain running between Second and Fourth Avenues into a living stream, to provide habitat, recreation, cooling benefits and water quality improvement. With support from the Water Corporation through the Drains to Liveability Program , a concept design was developed in consultation with the community.

Concept Design

 This design is currently being finalised with Water Corporation, with the intention of construction occurring in 2022.