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Fees and Charges

The Fees and Charges for a range of council services are detailed in the following documents.

Fire Break Notice - Bush Fires Act 1954

The Town of Bassendean undertakes annual firebreak inspections to ensure all properties comply with the Bushfires Act 1954 and the Council's Fire Management Practices.

Prior to the 31st October each year, properties of all sizes within the Town of Bassendean shall be cleared of combustible material from the whole of the land. The combustible material is to be slashed or mowed to ensure that it is no higher than 10cm in height until the 31st March the following year.

Living trees, shrubs, plants under cultivation and maintained lawns are excluded from the clearing requirements.

Any variation in the standard of firebreaks are to be subject of specific request to the Town's authorised Firebreak Inspector and any such variation shall be for one year only.

The Penalty for failing to comply with the Bushfires Act is a modified penalty of $250 or a fine of up to $1000 by the court.

The owner of the property in default is liable whether prosecuted or not, to pay the cost of performing the work directed by the required date.

Please note that the Town of Bassendean's Local Laws prohibit the burning of foliage or bush without the Town's prior consent. If you wish to make enquires concerning this, please contact the Council's Ranger Services on 9377 7480 for an evaluation of your land.

Dog & Cat Registration

Be aware that you may receive a fine if your dog or cat is unregistered.

For further information read on here.

Interest Charges on Overdue Rates

Under the Local Government Act, interest is charged on overdue amounts. Council has set this interest charge at 11% for the 2013/2014 financial year and it will be applied on a daily basis to amounts which are outstanding after 35 days from the date of issue of the rate notice. The interest charge will continue to be applied daily until all rates and charges are paid in full. The interest charge is also applicable if you do not make an instalment payment on time and will apply to those ratepayers with special payment arrangements. Only eligible pensioners will be exempt from being charged the interest charge.


If you have any queries in regards to your rate notice, please feel free to contact Council’s Rates Officer on 9377 8007 (direct line), or through Council’s main switchboard on 9377 8000, or come into the office between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding Public holidays.

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