Director Strategic Planning - Anthony (Tony) Dowling

Director Operational Services - Simon Stewert-Dawkins

Tony commenced as the Town’s inaugural Director Strategic Planning on 16 August 2016. 

He is an experienced town planner and urban designer of more than 30 years standing, of which more than half of this has been gained from working in local government and the NT government. 

The balance of his experience has been gained from working as a town planning consultant, including for a nationally-based consulting firm, and as co-founder and principal of a regionally-based development and planning firm.

Tony’s experience spans the spectrum of town planning practice, within metropolitan and country regions, and from the coast to the outback.

This has enabled him to develop and hone his planning and design skills across a wide range of place-based projects within both the natural and built environments. This has included shaping planning policies and development projects within urban and regional environments and participating in their management. It has also honed his ability to understand and implement placed-based sustainability principles.

Tony qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree and Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning; a Municipal Town Planners’ Certificate; and a Certificate in Cultural Heritage Management.

Tony is also a member (Ministerial appointee) of the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Advisory Committee (NCWHAC).