Director Operational Services - Simon Stewert-Dawkins

Director Operational Services - Simon Stewert-DawkinsMr Simon Stewert-Dawkins has been the Town's Director Operational Services since the 28 July 2003. Mr Stewert-Dawkins brings a variety of experience to the position including performance management, financial management, human resource and organisational management.

His extensive technical and management experience ranges from large infrastructure capital work projects to a wide range of asset maintenance activities. This has involved the design, project scheduling, cost control and project management together with considerable experience in maintaining and managing infrastructure assets.

Mr Stewert-Dawkins qualifications include a Bachelor of Business (B.Bus) from Curtin University of Technology, Certificate in Business Excellence (AQC), Certificate in Emergency Management (FESA), and two (TAFE) Certificates in Horticulture.

He brings a wealth of local government knowledge and experience and is a member of Local Government Manager Australia (LGMA), which is a peak body for local government managers in Australia.