Development Services

Business Unit

Brian Reed - Manager - 9377 8005

Development Services' mission is to create a quality environment and a high level of amenity for the community by ensuring that new buildings and blocks of land meet development standards that have be endorsed by the community.

The department is made up of the Manager Planning Services, Principal Building Surveyor, Senior Planning Officer and the  Senior Environmental Health Officer.

The Departments responsibilities include;

  • Approving all building and planning applications for all residential commercial and industrial development and subdivision in the Town
  • Providing development and building advice to residents, builders and developers
  • Creating and revising the Towns’ building and planning policies to ensure they are relevant to community expectations.
  • Striving to support the local economy and boost investment and employment opportunities through Economic Development initiatives.

Council recognises the importance of determining applications in a timely manner.  Officers have delegated power to determine applications that comply with the Local Planning Scheme and Council policies  The Town Planners and Building Surveyor are able to work closely with applicants and will carry out all determinations in an efficient, positive and transparent manner.

Where an application is likely to be controversial, or involves significant variations to the Scheme the Service will defer to Council for determination together with an officer report and recommendation.

Building Services