Councillor Renée McLennan

Description of imageRenée was elected to Bassendean Council in 2015 and was subsequently elected as Mayor in 2017.  She was motivated to stand for Council due to her desire to contribute positively to the future of her community and to help ensure that those aspects that make Bassendean such a special place to live are preserved and enhanced.

Renée is committed to accessible and transparent local government and involving the community in the decisions that affect them. Renée values the unique sense of community connection that exists in Bassendean, its natural features and green open spaces. Renée recognises the potential for Bassendean to become an even more liveable, vibrant hub but that as development occurs it needs to be in harmony with the character of our Town.  She is passionate about sustainability and wants to see Bassendean show leadership in this area. 

Renée’s family has a long historical connection to the Town with her children being fifth generation residents of Bassendean.  Although her family moved away from the area when she was a child, Renée was later drawn back to Bassendean as an ideal place for her and husband Tim to live and raise their own family. Together Renée and Tim built a low energy home in Success Hill that they feel very grateful to now share with their two precious children.  

Renée has a health professional background having worked as a senior physiotherapist focusing her career on the rehabilitation of patients with neurological conditions. She has also spent several years as a lecturer within the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science at Curtin University and has operated her own specialised medical assessment service.  She is also fortunate to have had many opportunities to use her skills in a volunteer capacity both within Australia and while travelling overseas.