About Bassendean


The Town of Bassendean, on the banks of the Swan River and near Perth Airport, is 10 kilometres north-east of Perth's CBD and 5 minutes from the Swan Valley vineyards. Our residents and businesses are based in Ashfield, Bassendean and Eden Hill.

We have a river frontage of seven kilometres, hence our name "Home By The Swan". 


Flora and Fauna

The Swan River is a scenic treasure, a playground, a natural drain and functional ecosystem.

The trees and shrubs, rushes and sedges prevent soil erosion along the river. The nearby wetlands provide a natural habitat for frogs, water birds and tortoises. Our natural parks are home to birds such as silver-eyes, honeyeaters, willie wagtails, grey fantails, white-tailed black cockatoos, Australian kestrels, white cockatoos and the pink-and-grey galah, to name a few. The Bassendean Preservation Group works with the Council to preserve our natural bushland and wetlands. 

Places to Visit


Take the Midland line to With three train stations, its an ideal way to arrive in Bassendean. We are well served by metropolitan train and bus services, the International Airport terminal is 15 minutes and the Domestic Terminal only 10 minutes from the town centre by car.


Our history