Town Centre Masterplan

Developing A Community-Led Town Centre Masterplan


One of the core roles of a local government is to plan for the future of the local area.  This Council’s philosophy is that planning needs to be community driven and the Town of Bassendean is committed to meaningful engagement to understand our community’s priorities, aspirations and ideas in order to shape the future of our Town.

BassenDream our Future

BassenDream Our Future is the name of the Town’s extensive community engagement project, which concluded in September 2019.  The Town endeavoured to reach as many people as possible through multiple community engagement initiatives including workshops; pop up hubs; interviews; surveys; focus groups and more.  Local residents and stakeholders were able to share their ideas and have input into the development of a new vision for Ashfield, Bassendean and Eden Hill, to inform future plans aligned to community expectations. The findings informed the Town’s new Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030 and a new draft local planning framework. 

Over 3000 interactions later, our community told us just what they love about living in the Town of Bassendean, what they value and what could make it even better in the future! 

BassenDream Our Future and the Bassendean Town Centre

In respect to the Bassendean town centre, community input was very clear: our community want a more vibrant, inviting and connected town centre that is easy to access, has a diversity of local goods and services, is an attractive place to live, shop, relax and spend time.   Above all our community wants a town centre that is sustainable and supports and serves people from all walks of life into the future.

Overwhelmingly for the future of our town centre, our community said they would like to see a vibrant, active and revitalised town centre as a top priority.

  • 85% of survey respondents support improving walkability from the Bassendean town centre
  • 84% support a diversity of land uses
  • 68% support more people living in or near Bassendean town centre
  • 65% support higher density housing close to train stations

How do we then create a revitalized town centre?

Whilst our community have told us they want a more vibrant town centre, there needed to be more detailed urban planning changes to make this happen. 

The Town of Bassendean working with our community, therefore need to take a lead on what this could look like.  Based on previous community feedback, Council endorsed a project in mid 2020 to create a community-led Town Centre Masterplan with the following objectives:

  • Engaging the community, landowners and businesses to generate a collaborative approach to town centre vitalisation
  • Providing a long term vision for our town centre that ensures a green and shaded and more active and vibrant town centre
  • Creating a town centre that supports environmental sustainability through reduced reliance on cars; reducing the need for density in suburban areas; and sustainable design principles
  • Creating the conditions needed to attract investment and community development
  • Improving safety through crime prevention through urban design principles
  • Providing a vision to inform the future local planning framework, including increasing the residential population in the town centre to create the critical mass of people needed to support a thriving precinct

A key requirement is that there is no net loss of public open space and an improvement in public amenities and living options.

Public Consultation

(A) Draft Concept Informing Phase

Understanding what we want our town centre to look and feel like is important.  It’s also important to understand the feasibility of development opportunity and the conditions needed to “spur” investment. Importantly from our community, we need input on the location and integration of key amenities and services (such as recreational; public spaces/places; retail; hospitality; commercial etc) plus specific residential and mixed-use zoning densities within our town centre.

In late 2020, the Town of Bassendean, in conjunction with Creating Communities Australia hosted a series of ​focus groups and interviews with community members with a stake in the town centre (such as property owners, businesses, community groups, those who registered from Bassendream, local residents, State Government and potential investors).  This sessions built on the detailed findings of the Bassendream engagement process to inform the development of some draft concepts for the future revitalization of the Bassendean Town Centre.

These engagements help to inform the development of draft masterplan concepts.  

Town Centre Masterplan Presentation

Town Centre Masterplan Concepts

(B) Draft Concept Feedback Phase

More recently, further community design workshops were then widely advertised via the Town’s Facebook, on the Town’s website, emails and on signage placed throughout the Town of Bassendean. All people who were involved in the initial Bassendream engagements and registered to be involved in future engagement received direct invitations to the workshops.

Workshops were held on the morning of Saturday 17 April 2021 and the evening Tuesday 20 April 2021 with landowners, community stakeholders, local businesses and representatives from the development industry to present some draft concept plans (or ideas) in an effort to generate feedback.   Participants attending the workshops were asked to provide feedback by 3 May 2021.  

We are progressing to the next stage of the master planning process where the feedback will be used to inform the development of a consolidated draft plan. We will continue to strongly encourage everyone in our community to have their say on the draft plan - so we create a town centre that serves us all well into the future. 

In terms of the draft masterplan concepts presented, the proposed building heights/densities generally align with the Town of Bassendean’s Draft Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme which have been submitted to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage for review and subsequent approval to advertise (for feedback).

Shortly there will be opportunities promoted, including a drop-in/open day where we would like to share with you a draft masterplan concept based upon the engagement undertaken to date.  It’s important to recognise that nothing has been set in stone.  Council has not endorsed the concept, instead they are relying upon your feedback so they may consider this.  In regards to the draft concept, there may be some elements you like, some you don’t and you may have some ideas that haven’t yet been thought of.

To ensure we collectively create a town centre that is sustainable and supports and serves people from all walks of life into the future, we would love to hear from you. 

Opportunities ​to be involved in the next step will be advertised shortly, so please keep an eye out, via the Town’s website, facebook, through our Customer Services Centre and Library.

Project Timeline
  • Design Principles

    August 2020
  • Stakeholder Meetings & Focus Groups

    September & October 2020
  • Development of Masterplan Design Concepts

    Late 2020 | Early 2021
  • Survey & Community Design Workshops

    April 2021
  • Draft Masterplan

    June 2021
  • Community Open Day

    To be determined
  • Final Masterplan & Engagement Report

    July/August 2021
  • Approval & Promotion of Masterplan

    To be determined